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For a complete list of SC D2 CIGRE Colloquium-2017 preferential subjects, please see the information below.

1. Software platforms for control of distributed energy resources:

  • Optimized interaction of distributed generation and distribution grids
  • Tools providing economically efficient use of DER and Microgrid technologies
  • Microgrid control in emergency and post-emergency conditions

2. Resilience to cyber threats of information and telecommunication systems in the power industry:

  • Cybersecurity of DER control systems
  • Cloud computing and IoT technologies: application limits from the view of cybersecurity provision
  • Certification of information systems and telecommunications for resistance to cyber threats
  • Modeling tools for cyber threats and cybersecurity measures

3. Highly reliable communication infrastructure for traditional and new applications in EPI:

  • Digital communication systems in transmission and distribution grids
  • Modern telecommunication networks for protection and control in EPI
  • Developing secure and reliable ICT systems infrastructure

Report synopses acceptance closed on December 15th 2016. A total of 55 synopses from 21 country have been accepted into the program of the Colloquium-2017 (for more information see article)

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