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SC D2 Colloquium-2017 in Moscow: A Summary

The International SC D2 Colloquium took place in Moscow from the 18th to the 22nd of September 2017. This key sectorial event focusing on information systems and telecommunication was held in Russia for the first time and attracted over 150 experts from 26 countries around the world.

International Colloquium SC D2 CIRGE – 2017: the round table and the technical visit to OUPS

September 22 was a concluding day of the International Colloquium SC D2 CIRGE – 2017. It was dedicated to the reports of foreign experts, besides the program included the Round Table on cybersecurity and the technical visit to the Dispatch Center of SO UPS.


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For a complete list of SC D2 CIGRE Colloquium-2017 preferential subjects, please see the information below.

1. Software platforms for control of distributed energy resources:

  • Optimized interaction of distributed generation and distribution grids
  • Tools providing economically efficient use of DER and Microgrid technologies
  • Microgrid control in emergency and post-emergency conditions

2. Resilience to cyber threats of information and telecommunication systems in the power industry:

  • Cybersecurity of DER control systems
  • Cloud computing and IoT technologies: application limits from the view of cybersecurity provision
  • Certification of information systems and telecommunications for resistance to cyber threats
  • Modeling tools for cyber threats and cybersecurity measures

3. Highly reliable communication infrastructure for traditional and new applications in EPI:

  • Digital communication systems in transmission and distribution grids
  • Modern telecommunication networks for protection and control in EPI
  • Developing secure and reliable ICT systems infrastructure

Report synopses acceptance closed on December 15th 2016. A total of 55 synopses from 21 country have been accepted into the program of the Colloquium-2017 (for more information see article)

Call for papers SC D2 CIGRE